Woodruff Rental is on the Market

The crew at Otter Rapids construction did a fantastic job on the paint flooring, trim ect!!! I spent last week pull the flexible undersized copper plumbing and replacing it with PEX, install my new shut offs and a bath faucet, installing a water heater, and replacing the furnace, now it’s ready for great tenants. Here are some photos.

Next week we are working on the Tracy st Flip, watch for updates.


Lead Paint and the USDA

Its been a year, and I’m finally done, last November I took ownership of a USDA foreclosure that had a restriction on deed for occupancy until a clearance of Lead Hazard was sent to the USDA and they release the restriction. We got a report that was about 1 1/2 inches thick of an inspection that tested almost ever surface of the house and garage. After Much work, a lot of learning, and post remediation testing, I got a call this morning from the USDA that they will be overnighting a Quitclaim Deed Removing the restriction.  This means we can rent it out, and start getting some of that investment back. Here are some pictures, its a 3 Bedroom 1 bath, with a huge yard, and a brick patio, it will be a fantastic home for someone.

Tracy St


Today we won another deal, a 1991 Built 3 bed 1.5 bath home in a great location, with a mostly finished basement, the plan for this is a flip, more to come as we proceed.

I will be wiring funds for Blaine st in Merrill Thursday, docs are signed, and we are good to go on this one.


I have more exciting news to share, but cant, just yet,  maybe sometime next week.


Deleglise St

Another Successful Sheriff Sale today, We landed this Gem  for less than the price of the average 7 night cruise Vacation for 4, will need a few things, like a new roof, some flooring, and we will convert from Oil Heat to Gas. Not sure yet when the confirmation hearing is, but i’m guessing October some time. Here are some Before Photos.

Great Deal on materials, and funny picture

I had a hectic day yesterday, hauling kids around for Extra Curriculars, and running my Business,  getting everything up and running for an end buyers inspection on a property, that’s becoming a challenge to say the least, Power has been off for I don’t know how long, dewinterizing, and getting stuff fired up, I struggling with the Water Heater and the furnace, we will get it one way or another.

There was a split pipe just below the main water shut off, so i had to get some parts, Home Depot did not have any 1″ copper fittings, not sure why i went there first, i usually go to Menards. On arrival at Menards, I see this: home depot

The prices at Menards are so much better, that it makes sense to rent the truck at Depot and buy your material at Menards.

Ok Enough Depot Bashing, I do buy stuff at Home Depot, as a mater of fact, I got a great deal there,  I picked up 1,176 Sq ft of Trafficmaster Allure that we use in rentals for $650 and will get a gift card to match the 11% rebate sale at Menards so net I paid just under 50 cents a Sq Ft for stuff i usually pay $1.49-$1.89 a Sq Ft for, Great deal!!!


Multiple Projects shaping up and a Problem Arg!

Park Falls Is coming along My Handyman Bob Krohn with Otter Rapid Construction is doing a great Job!!!,  we went from this.IMGP0200

To This.

front repaired

its not dramatic, but a huge improvement.

Highview Parkway has been a long drawn out project, but we saw huge improvements this week with new Traffic Master Allure Flooring in the kitchen and Livingroom



kit old floorkit new floorlr old floorlr new floor

And the Problem: My Property Manager called to tell me water was bubbling up from the Driveway in Merrill!  ARG!!!!  i guess the pipe from the curb stop to the house burst, He asked me if i had guys for that? I said no, He said Ok We do, I said Get it fixed.  This is why you have a Property manager. But i’d imagine it wont be a cheap fix.