Getting busy!!!

Well here we are Fall, my favorite time of year, the leaves are in full color, air is getting cooler, Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere, and the 30 something moms all look like Han Solo.  But instead of hiking through the woods with my shotgun in hopes of flushing a grouse, I’m building my empire. again today we had success at the Sheriff Sale, and picked up the next Flip, we will call it Willow (cuz its on Willow rd.) its a 3 bed 2 bath on 5 ac. in vacation land, the heart of summer and winter sports and recreation. Before we find that end user, we will need to clean it up a bit, here are some photos to give you an idea of waht we are dealing with.

Oh and did I mention, the fridge has food in it, and the power has been off over a year, how do I know theres’ food in the fridge, you can smell it outside the front door.

We also landed an online Auction property we will call Blaine, she needs a pretty big rehab, roof siding, soffit, fascia, plus some interior work, I dont have good pics, just this one i stole off the internet. for perspective, this green beauty i am paying $12,000 for and the rehab will run me $20-25K rents should be around $800/mo


Next week we start the rehabs on 2 properties, Deleglise, and 2nd ave updates are sure to follow.


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