Getting around Red Tape

As some of you know, I have been known to swing the hammer on my projects, and am not afraid of the technical stuff, but often times the laws get in the way, for example to replace a furnace in a property you own but don’t live in you need a “Licensed Professional” and if you hire an HVAC company, they need to supply the Furnace, and do the work, so replacing a unit in a 800 sq ft. house costs between $1,500-$2,500  I will have 2 properties next month I’m purchasing that need furnaces as part of the rehab, so I looked at license requirements.

According to Wisconsin Statute you dont need any formal training, experience, or even a test to be an HVAC Contractor, just pay the $15 application fee, and $160 for the Contractor Registration, good for 4 years. So early last week I mailed my application and a check for $175, and today i got this:


I have found a great Vendor online that sells all the supplies I Need including quality furnaces at a Great Price.  For Example, a 40,000 BTU 92% efficient Goodman Brand furnace, (appropriate for a 800 sq ft house) is $506 delivered to my door in about a day, and with sheet metal work,  PVC, electrical and gas lines, its about a day to a day and a half job, for 1 guy. I figure, I have the Ability, and am willing to do the work, and if I can install a Furnace with all the parts for around $700-$800, and save myself $1,000 for a day and a halfs work, the credential and anothe LLC is well worth it, and to boot I will be allowed to sign the Gas safety card for the gas company when its been off for too long, saving me more time and money.


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