Woodruff 2 Bed

Success at the Sale today, We landed a cute 2 bedroom that will be a great little year round rental in a Vacation town. It wasn’t a screaming deal, but it was a good deal,   Not sure when we can take possession, but as soon as we get going on the rehab I will Update!!!  Here are some Before photos.



    1. Yes twice, one was the really nice Flip I sold in June, we worked out a Cash For Keys where I paid him to leave peacefully and take all his stuff with him, and the other i have as a rental, the Borrower stayed and is now my tenant. hardest part is making the initial contact, because you dont know how they will react. if you ever do,, I would be happy to discuss my experiences offline. I also had to get people out when I use to list for banks, and I was the banks representative.

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      1. I decided not to buy a property because it was occupied and I did not want to mess with that. If/when the situation comes up again, I will definitely pick your brain. Congrats on the cute house!

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      2. my opinion on occupied properties is that the spread has to be wide enough for the unknowns, and worst case scenarios, the good thing is, generally the pipes are not frozen and popped, but you dont know about 17 cats, or the teenage son that had been throwing knives at the walls, or who knows what, on the other hand, most folks feel bad about the situation, and just want to end the chapter and get a fresh start, so if you can provide that, you can be the Hero.


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